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    Surface deep trough of high temperature solar heat collecting system

    2013/4/15      view:

    Surface deep trough of high temperature solar heat collecting system

    High temperature solar thermal utilization system in the Chinese Academy of Sciences concerned in, under the guidance of experts, a Yidelong new energy equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. lasted for two years, successfully developed.

    The system makes full use of the technology of.CPC surface gathering technology of the existing solar full glass vacuum tube. The heat storage technology. Convection heat transfer technology. "Technology and a number of front-end technology quasi-static" optical tracking. The solar radiation is the point to the line concentrator. Wired to the plane. The plane to the surface of the scientific and rational transition. Thermal energy storage system, to solve the stochastic and intermittent solar thermal utilization in the problem, "static" optical tracking device, a year only need to adjust the 4-12 time the sun into the service angle, can realize all-weather operation, overcomes the high tracking device using complex light, the cost is greatly reduced.

    System to include a new realm of solar thermal utilization, will be in the air conditioning. Desalination. Dry. Heating biogas. Disinfection. Neat. Prevent domestic cooking. The hotel. The school. The factory. It has good prospects for development office building etc..

    The basic parameters: each of the 5 light tank as a heat collecting module, each slot of the lighting area of about 0.6 square meters, each module of the lighting area of about 3 square meters. If the annual solar radiation in a 700 watts / square meters, electric heat source is equivalent to an electric power 2000W.