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Hengshui Zhongye Light Technology Co., Ltd.

2013/4/15      view:

Hengshui Zhongye Light Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to solar concentrator (CSP) high-tech, green environmental protection enterprises heat utilization. Company focusing groove type collector field development integration technology and use, has a professional research, design and service team, can provide professional CSP collector service.

Company independent research and development, design, construction of high temperature solar energy demonstration device. Through the system of high temperature cycle test and continuous and stable operation, verified the technology maturity and stability; at the same time in the trough concentrating system set up large-scale production capacity and quality of enterprise standard system.

Product design using modular technology; equipment production with pipeline standardization; system construction according to the project the light resource optimization design; provide automatic control configuration module; training one-stop solution operation scheme.