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    Groove type solar energy technology research background

    2013/4/15      view:

    At present, as the global energy supply problems become increasingly prominent and the strategy of sustainable development and actively implement the, development and application of high technology in the domestic and international solar energy has set off a new round of climax. Although the United States and other advanced industrial countries in the early eighty's began to high temperature in solar technology applied to textiles, construction, food processing, wood drying and other industrial and agricultural production and daily high temperature heating, boiling water and so on, in order to obtain more than 100 ℃ hot water and steam, but the technology and equipment technology has not been a breakthrough, industry scale it is not possible. Domestic research started relatively late, most of studies research institutions also has yet to break through the rotating mirror to achieve optical tracking the traditional technical route, the localization problem commercial and equipment technology has been the solution doesn't open. Research on application technology of Dezhou Huayuan new energy through continuous exploration and Practice for several years, successfully resolved the quasi static optical tracking this problem, laid the foundation for the commercial and industrial scale and equipment localization. Using this technology, the equipment system of domestic materials, 0.7~1.2KW/ square meters in the solar radiation conditions (for most regions in China), 100~300 hot water and steam actual; reflector reflectivity reaches more than 0.92, 15 year design life; unit area cost than the ordinary vacuum tube water heater is also low, a high thermal efficiency, economical and practical, high temperature heat collecting device manufacturing, installation, convenient operation and management of the new solar energy, is domestic first, its advanced technology and application has been in the lead in the international, provides perfectly possible for high temperature solar energy in engineering, industrial scale.

    Solar energy is inexhaustible, be inexhaustible, and belongs to the clean energy. From a long-term point of view, in a variety of renewable energy solar energy will be the most important renewable energy resources, it is much more than the total demand of human energy, has broad application prospects.

    Broadly speaking, the earth from solar energy by about 99.8%. Usually said solar energy utilization refers to the direct solar energy conversion and utilization, such as the use of semiconductor photovoltaic devices to convert solar energy to solar photovoltaic energy, converting solar energy into thermal solar heat energy utilization and heat generation.

    The United States is the earliest the temperature system of solar energy used in industrial processing country, 80's in California's Sayouna, built a 600m2 medium temperature solar energy device, 170 steam for laundry, heat, can satisfy the laundry steam demand 75%. The United States of Texas, 80 km north of Dallas, the construction of a 1070m2 device temperature, 173 steam washing cloth, which can meet the requirement of 60% washing cloth factory. The construction of a solar steam concrete experiment factory American Kansas AAI, 150 steam curing of concrete. A Canadian canned food factory, built a temperature system of solar energy device, providing 150 -180 ℃ steam, can save the power consumption of 20% a year. Australia medium temperature solar energy to heat conducting oil heating to 200 -250, used for melting asphalt. In Japan the solar temperature in industry widely used in agriculture, the use of solar energy in temperature on the detoxification of pesticide, the treatment of toxic waste. In the practical application of solar energy in Romania the temperature has reached the total of 18000 square meters, etc..

    In recent years, China's solar energy heat utilization has been rapid development. Especially in recent years, the solar water heater industry has been rapid development. In 2003 the whole of the solar water heater industry total output in the 1200 square meters, the total amount of 5000 square meters; by the end of 2003, the national water heater enterprises have more than 3000, annual output value reached 12000000000 yuan, annual tax of gold of 4 - 600000000 yuan, solar water heaters and gas water heaters, electric water heater and has become one of the the product of three water heater. At present, China has become the absolute power of solar water heater application, the total amount has exceeded 75000000 square meters, more than 5000 enterprises, the annual output value reached 30000000000 yuan. However, this is only a low temperature heat utilization of solar energy a, are usually used to provide 40 ℃ - 80 ℃ hot water for living.