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Effect of thermal solar energy in the future development trend in China

2013/4/15      view:

China is country of production of the world's largest solar water heater and the use of the country, the solar water heater production in the world leading level. But for a long time, China's solar energy heat utilization mainly in low-temperature hot water for bathing, and very broad prospects for development of industrial water temperature and high temperature solar thermal power generation applications has just started. In the past only to solar energy heat utilization as an independent source of ideas, to make it become the auxiliary heat source, based on conventional hot water system, the insufficient part provided by conventional energy, promoting in solar thermal utilization, will greatly promote the energy-saving emission reduction of thermal field in the industry of our country.

High temperature solar thermal utilization in the broad market, but the industry has just started in our country

Because the heat collecting temperature, solar thermal utilization should be used for different applications. Heat collecting and heat supply temperature at 40-100 ℃, called utilization of low-temperature heat; heat collecting and heat supply temperature at 100-400 ℃, called heat utilization. Low temperature heat utilization of solar energy, is mainly used for heating and cooling. Heat collecting and heat supply temperature at 400-800 ℃, known for high temperature use, mainly used in solar thermal power generation.

In the recently held 2012 (first) solar thermal utilization international summit, the National Energy Bureau deputy director of new energy and renewable energy secretary Shi Lishan pointed out, the heat is an important form of energy consumption, the energy consumption is finally converted into heat energy ratio is very high. Solar energy heat utilization in addition to power generation, and directly to the utilization of heat energy, can be widely used in chemical industry, textile, construction, food, tobacco and other fields, for energy-saving emission reduction, China reduce fossil energy use has a very important significance.

Data shows, China's industrial energy consumption accounts for more than 70% of total energy consumption, while the industrial heat in the entire industry can be used in about 50%. In 2010, papermaking, food, tobacco, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and plastic eight industries, hot water, steam and dry with a total of 4.5 tons of standard coal industry, accounting for industrial use 20%, if 10% of the energy from the solar collector, you need 300000000 -4 million square meters. In addition, to a greater demand for industrial boiler. China is the production and use of the boiler in most countries, there are about 480000 sets of coal-fired boiler. In 2010 China's coal-fired boiler coal consumption of about 10 tons, about 16 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. If the boiler is realized with the combination of solar energy, solar average substitution 10% energy, energy saving and emission reduction potential.