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What is the trough solar collector

2013/4/15      view:
Parabolic trough solar collector as the temperature collector, a heat collecting temperature, can obtain higher, can be used to generate electricity, refrigeration and air-conditioning, heating, desalination and other fields of life and production. Traditional groove type solar heat collector absorber adopts vacuum glass tube structure, the inner tube with a metal tube, pipe inside the heating medium, coated with selective absorption coating metal pipe, and outside the glass tube, glass tube and the metal tube vacuum pumping to suppress convection and conduction losses. Because the glass and metal sealing different coefficients of expansion, the structure of the absorber is currently high cost, short service life, reliability is affected by. This paper presents a cavity absorber structure, without the use of glass vacuum tube structure, and the principle of heat radiation cavity suppresse the radiation and convection loss, to achieve better results. Paper can be used in 4 types of cavity receiver tank focusing type solar collector is analyzed in detail, the four cavity structure are: triangle, square, circular and semi-circular. The thermal properties including FLUENT based on optical performance modeling and analysis of TracePro. The analysis includes different heat-absorbing surface temperature heat (90 ℃ and 150 ℃), inclination angle alpha and the influence of different shapes of glass cover layer on the heat loss. Built by Finel lens concentrator optical efficiency test and the best opening width measurement device. The study found, triangle cavity has the best optical efficiency. In addition the cavity heat loss testing found that the thermal properties of triangle cavity best.