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All the solar heat transfer equipment, matters needing attention

2013/4/15      view:

Today the industry to introduce is associated with solar equipment information: solar heat exchange equipment note, in the public sector to provide you a brief introduction, I hope you will gain!

1, the solar collector to collect heat, can be directly heating the hot water storage tank in the water; can also be indirectly heated via the heat exchanger heat storage water tank. According to the solar hot water system by hot water and heat collector and heat transfer fluid can be divided into the following two types: direct and indirect system system system. Heat exchanger indirect solar hot water system should be based on the hardness of water, cold and hot water system, pressure balance system form and size and other conditions, the technical and economic comparison of choice.

1) total hardness of water is greater than 150 mg of /L (CaCO3), hot and cold water pressure balance requires higher system should choose a volume type, drained volume type water heater.

2) total hardness of water is less than 150 mg of /L (CaCO3), and hot and cold water pressure balance low system requirements can choose quick or semi instant heating type water heater.

In short, the system heat exchanger using indirect heating and living hot water for the raw water quality is easy to high hardness water in the heat collector pipe or channel scaling, also apply to the exposed collector in the outdoor high antifreezing requirements of the occasion.

2, in the solar water heating system with heat exchanger indirectly heated, heat exchanger should not significantly reduce the efficiency of the heat collector. When the collector of solar gains the maximum possible, collector efficiency of the heat exchanger reduced should not exceed 10%.

3, the heat exchanger when the choice must match with the pipe diameter of the general connection, should make the pipe diameter is less than the diameter of the heat exchanger tube bundle.

4, the heat exchanger should choose specific resistance characteristics of heat exchanger, so that power equipment selection in the future when the accurate calculation of resistance loss of pipeline. General should be multiplied by a factor of 1.2.

5, the velocity in the heat exchangers should not be too large, so that sufficient heat exchange.

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