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All the solar equipment advantage

2013/4/15      view:

We are a Hengshui business of solar equipment company, we have highly qualified management personnel and the implementation team, strict working attitude, good skills, will ensure the completion of task accuracy, efficient. The following for you to explain the advantage of solar energy equipment.

1 solar heating is an environmental engineering. It is different with the common way of heating is different sources of heat, i.e. ordinary heating coal, electricity, oil, gas, and solar heating is the use of non-polluting, renewable solar energy.

2 solar heating with significant economic benefits. Solar heating is generally 3-5 years to recover the investment cost, and its service life is in commonly 20 years, so it is very significant economic benefits.

3 energy-saving emission reduction. It can realize the temperature collecting warmth and transmission of steam and is equipped with an automatic device, make agricultural production modernization and automation. Because the solar heating clean and safe, does not produce the traditional burning hazardous coal heating furnace carbon monoxide poisoning, also scald accident will not happen. Suitable for large buildings, such as schools, office, factory, breeding greenhouse. The installation of solar heating engineering, also can obtain bathing hot water is free, energy saving and emission reduction engineering too.

Solar trough the company R & D (high temperature solar energy) automatic collector and the high vacuum flat plate solar collector. Is the first domestic, has obtained patent certificate.

Long time, long journey, we always believe: weizhizheshijingcheng. In order to protect the earth, the survival of the human environment. We always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented, integrity and pragmatic, hard work. Has made great contribution to China's solar industry.